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Gut gehört zum guten Ton.

(«Guter Ton» means both "good tone" and "good manners". Also, my name is Gut. So something like: Gut is part of good sound/good manners.)


Benjamin Gut
Tonmeister – Producer/Engineer – Bassplayer

Benjamin Gut

Benjamin Gut

Master of Arts in Composition and Theory –Tonmeister, Zurich University of the Arts

Benjamin Gut (born 21.10.1988) is a Basel-based sound engineer and electric bassist. As a sound engineer at Idee und Klang Studio he was involved in countless recordings and CD productions, among others with Niki Reiser, Christian Zehnder, Roli Frei, Lisette Spinnler, Jorge Rossy, Al Foster, Mark Turner, David Klein, Jasmin Tabatabai, Kolsimcha, London Symphony Orchestra etc. He also worked on various film music productions, including "Heidi", "The Diary of Anne Frank", "The Little Witch" (awarded the Swiss Film Prize for Best Film Music), "The Little Ghost", "In the Labyrinth of Silence" and "Tatort".

As a bass player, he has performed in several concerts with different artists like Leonti, Zibbz, Nobody Reads and Deep Space Whailing. He is the singer/bassist and songwriter of the band Kapoolas. He also works as a studio bassist for Radio SRF 3, Radio Swiss Pop, Jazz & Classic, SRF Rendez-vous as well as various movies and TV series.

From 2012 to 2020 he was employed at Idee und Klang Studio, first as an intern, then as engineer/producer as well as studio manager and managing director, in 2020 he started his own business (in the player below you can listen to some productions that were made during this time). Today he works either in his own control room (you can find the equipment list here) or at Idee und Klang Studio.

With over ten years of experience, Benjamin Gut's ears are extremely well trained and yet young enough to orchestrate even the smallest nuances.


Because your music deserves only the best.

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Gut.Audio is "Apple Digital Masters" licensed. High resolution is guaranteed.

Gut.Audio is a licensed VOVOX purum studio: VOVOX cables were used for all signal paths.

Apple Digital Masters
VOVOX purum

Mantocliff – These Words (2016)


Recording and mixing.

Mantocliff – Sea-Son (2016)


Recording and mixing.

Kolsimcha – Tänzel from «Tewje» (2016)

Mixing and mastering.

Great Garbo – The Little Witch, OST (2017)

Recording, mixing and mastering.



The prices listed below are indicative. After a discussion with you, an offer will be made that is tailored to your project.

Mixing per song, digital.

CHF 600.–

Mix of a song in the Gut.Audio control room with the best plugins available. Presence possible, 2 revisions.

Mastering per song, analogue.

CHF 75.–

Mastering a song in the Gut.Audio control room with the best mastering plugins and analogue outboard gear. Presence possible, 1 revision.

Any other version of the same song (e.g. instrumental with identical sound): CHF 10.-

DDP (Redbook).

CHF 100.–

Creation of a DDP (master file for the press shop) incl. control listening and upload. Without presence of the customer, 1 revision, ISRC included.

Teaching and consulting.

CHF 75.–/h

Lessons, support and accompaniment in all audio and production-related questions (recording, production, mixing, mastering) - directly at your home, in the Gut.Audio control room or in the analogue Idee und Klang control room. From graduate sound engineer and teacher at the art academies in Basel (Jazzcampus) and Zurich (Zurich University of the Arts) with 10+ years of experience.


Niki Reiser

Film music composer

"During my film music productions in the Idee und Klang Studio I had the great pleasure of working with Benjamin Gut countless times. His unmistakable musical and tonal assessments, on which I could always rely, were always a great support to me during the recordings. His endurance and tempo are very impressive, so recording tracks were often already cut before I even asked Gut to do so. His technical knowledge is always at the service of the music and if there was ever a need, he also recorded bass and guitar tracks for me".


For more information about my services please contact me. I am looking forward to your request!

+41/(0)76 439 17 95

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